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About the Medical Trust

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The Palmerston North Hospital Medical Trust is a charitable organisation established in 1969 as a result of public interest in supporting the work of Palmerston North Hospital.

The Trust works in co-operation with MidCentral Health and its staff for the benefit of people served by Palmerston North Hospital, but the Trust’s funds are applied to areas that could not be covered by normal hospital resources. This has been the consistent pattern since the commencement of the Trust.

The Trust provides funding for:

Patient Welfare

Items that enhance patient comfort and well-being are regularly funded by the Trust. This includes items such as easy-chairs to aid post-operative nursing, hearing equipment, TV sets for patient lounges, and books for the patients’ library service.

Other items, such as medical equipment, help ensure that patient care is the best that can be provided.

Staff Education

Staff can apply to the Trust for help in keeping up-to-date with developments in health care. Funds can be provided for travel, for attendance at conferences and workshops, and for other educational activities. The Trust also finances annual visits to Palmerston North Hospital from overseas lecturers and gives considerable support to nurses engaged in post-graduate study.

Academic Prizes

The Trust provides for two awards to be given each year for:

  • a research project carried out by a junior doctor;
  • a research project carried out by a nurse.

Grants and Awards

Over the last three years these have exceeded $40,000 per year.

Trust Funding

The Trust is entirely supported by donations and bequests. Its funds often come from those who have been patients of Palmerston North Hospital, or whose friends or relatives have received care there.

Since 1969 the Trust has invested the funds received to produce income to support its activities. 


Patient Welfare - Staff Education

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